Sweet & savoury Recipes made with Printen!

rezepte-printen-kleinThe Printen has found its way into the Aachen kitchens as well. For everyone who likes the taste of Printe we strongly recommend you try Rheinischer Sauerbraten according to an Aachen recipe (braised beef marinated in vinegar, prepared the Rhineland way). Along side there is a most delicious sauce, which has been aromatically refined and thickened with the addition of Printen crumbs. And if you really want to get a glimpse of Printen Heaven, indulge yourself in a special pudding – Printen cream it simply just melts in your mouth.

For sophisticated Cooking and Baking try Printen in sweet and savory dishes as well. You’ll always have a smooth consistency by adding Printen.
We’ve compiled a list of recipes for you

PDF-download-iconRecipe Printen a la creme

PDF-download-iconRecipe marinated pot roast

PDF-download-iconRecipe Mousse a la printe

PDF-download-iconRecipe Nut Slices by Karin Weingaertner


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By the way, did you know Aachener Printen are considered a home remedy?
It is claimed that they improve the metabolism.