Printen Tips

Fresh Aachener Printen are hard because we do not use any shortening in our dough at all. Nor do we use any fats, thus without the addition of fats of any kind or shortening our Aachener Printen are crunchy. We do however use several different types of sugar, and they’re used for the natural caramelization in our Aachener Printen. If you prefer them soft please store them in the humid air, such as keeping them in the tin box with a piece of apple.

Please note if you’re planning to store your Printen for a few months, they must be keep in a tin box stored in a cool, dark and dry place away from all humidity, heat and light.

How do you prefer your Printen, hard or soft? View our comprehensive assortment for Original Aachener Printen (hard variety) and soft Printen as well.