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How to get Printen soft?

Printen fresh from the oven is naturally hard since Printen dough doesn’t include fats or any kind of shortening and the sugar caramelizes when baked. Kept sealed airtight  they stay hard and are fresh for up to one year.
If you’d like to enjoy your Printen soft please store them in the humid air, on the window sill, or just keep them in the tin box with a piece of bread or an apple sliced. Hard chocolate Printen are not fully coated and can become soft.

What‘s the difference between hard and soft Printen?

Here at the Klein Printen bakery there is no difference in the dough. Printen without chocolade are always hard.
A soft Printe is a traditional Printe that was stored in humid air to break the hardness. Once they have become soft they will be fully coated in dark, milk, or white chocolate – this way they stay soft.
The hard Printe with chocolate are not fully covered. This way you can change the hardness at home to your liking.

How long does Printe stay fresh?

Basically our Printe is durable because no shortening, or eggs are added. They consist of sugar syrup, brown sugars, rock candy, dark flour and spices.
Only the flavour of the spices may fade if not stored properly. In this case the taste isn’t as intense as in a fresh Printe. It doesn’t go bad though, the hazelnuts, or almonds may become rancid after one year.

The chocolate turns gray sometimes, this however is not a quality defect. It is the cocoa butter separating from the chocolate and depositing itself on the outside of the Printe is the reason for this decoloration. Most common causes of this fat bloom are quick temperature changes and overly warm storage. Although it might look a little less appetizing than a luscious rich chocolatey-brown piece of Printe, it is still okay to eat it. You may find that the texture of sugar-bloomed chocolate to be a bit grainy on the outside, it should still taste good.
To prevent this from happening to your chocolate Printe, simply use proper storing methods. We suggest storage in a tin box, placed in a cool dry place.

Is there a minimum order quantity and/or an exemption from postage?

We do not have a order quantity minimum.

From an order value of € 70.00€ per delivery address, we deliver postage free within Germany.

How long is the delivery time?

We ship with DHL. The delivery time takes approximately:
1)    within Germany 2-4 working days
2)    in foreign countries
a.    pan-European into EU countries about 5-8 working days,
b.    pan-European into non EU countries about 6-9 working days,
c.    remaining countries about 10-15 working days.
3)   When ordering for Easter- or Christmas holidays please plan accordingly. Please consider potentially longer transition times because of larger parcel quantities at the courier service, banking holidays and also that maybe the presentee is out of town.

Due to the CoVid-19 pandemic transition times may vary to up to triple the usual time!


How is the postage rate equation, and how does this effect the number of bags per parcel?

Please bear in mind that inner and outer packaging of about 450g will also be included in the weight
You can send as follows.
Into foreign countries with premium shipment, independent of the target country.
0 – 3 kg total weight        10 x 200g cellophane bags
3 – 5 kg total weight        20 x 200g cellophane bags
5 – 10 kg total weight      40 x 200g cellophane bags
10 – 20 kg total weight    80 x 200g cellophane bags

Is the 500g bag of broken Printe (Bruch) available for shipment?

Printe Bruch is what has become broken or optically not pleasing.
We do not offer this online because Bruch isn’t produced on purpose. Therefore we do not know when it is in stock. It will be packed as soon as possible, and then displayed at our branches in Franzstrasse and in Roetgen to be sold. Thank you for understanding that we can not offer a waiting list for the Bruch to be shipment out, and also that we don’t take reservations at our stores.

Is there a discount offered when ordering a certain amount?

Please contact us for the larger order quantities.
We’ve a fair scale of discount equal for everyone.

Is everything gift-wrapped when shipped?

Every Printen present will be gift-wrapped with loving care, except articles of the good-value Line-Series. Also the confectionary cube and the wooden boxes do not need wrapping since it already has a gift appearance.

Can I enclose a greeting card?

If you want to send Printen to one or more addresses, you can can enclose a greeting card. When checking out the shopping cart, you have the option to select a greeting card and also send your personal message. We will then add the card selected and it will be hand-written for an even more personal touch. The gift card and selected Printen present will be delivered to the address given.

With your postal order you can also attach your own greeting card to be enclosed with your gift of Printen. If you have a large quantity of gifts to be shipped, please email us your address list in Excel-Spreadsheet format. We'll gladly add your greeting cards to each and every package. We'll send the invoice directly to you.  We're positive that you'll be very pleased with our service.

Aree there different prices when purchasing in store, online and at the Christmas markets?

In all of our Printen Klein stores, our Christmas markets, and at the Online Printenshop the price is the same, according to our price-list.

Can you save several delivery addresses? Will they be kept in confidence?

When registering at our Online Printenshop you do have the option to save your favorite delivery addresses for future orders. This will allow for quicker handling in future orders. Also we will not send out advertisements to the presentee.

Are Klein Aachener Printen suitable for vegans and persons with food allergies?

Klein's Printen do not contain animal derived products or byproducts whatsoever in the basic dough.   Printen are suitable for vegan persons. Only the milk chocolate and white chocolate covered variety of Printen contain dairy. Given that Printen are consist of dark wheat flour they are not gluten free. They may contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds, the chocolate Printen contain soy lecithin.

Contract Information

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