Family History

Tradition and craftsmanship

Our bakery business is in the heart of Aachen, it originated in 1912. From our bake house in Franzstrasse we work each and everyday to bring freshly baked breads, pastries and Printen as well to the residents of Aachen.

Today as in years long ago, each of our Aachener Printe is handcrafted with loving care and then baked with experience from trades of the Old World. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and is a carefully guarded secret! The Klein Printen bakery is now run by the fourth generation of family members. We are looking forward to see it through the decades to come, and also to introduce new innovated ideas from the world of Printe.

We have a team of long time associates to ensure that Old World high quality. The baking takes place at our headquarters at 91 Franzstrasse in Aachen, at the Marschiertor right beside our salesroom.

Our Printen bakery is famous for its delicious Printen. We have been supplying customers all over the world for many years. Pay us a visit to ascertain your favorite variety of Printe, or place an order from the convince and comfort of your home. There is no minimum quantity and all of our goods are dispatched immediately.

We have also set up a small Museum in Franzstrasse, a small group of at least twenty people are welcome to visit us for a tour. The Museum is only available to the public through our guided tours, the tour is approximately one hour long. Please contact us in advance to book an appointment.



You’ll be pleased to find a video from the local show WDR-Lokalzeit, from September 28th 2012 click here to view